A selection of classic dried goods and cereals for your store cupboard

Linguine pasta 500g £1.15
Casa Milo Penne pasta 500g £2.90
Casa Milo Fusilli pasta 500g £2.90
Lasagne sheets (Riscossa) 500g £2.55
Macaroni 500g £1.50
Arborio risotto rice 1kg £3.50
Spirali pasta (Riscossa) 500g £2.55
Pudding rice 1kg £2.40
White basmati rice 1kg £3.25
Plain flour 1.5kg £1.85
Self raising flour 1.5kg £1.85
Stong white bread flour 1.5kg £2.85
Pasta flour 00 £1.85
Rolled porridge oats 1kg £3.50
Lakeland Muesli 500g £5.95