All our meat is sourced from our local family butcher, Coldbreath of Seal, a family butcher business of 40 years. Coldbreath’s own family grass-fed beef herd are the source of our beef products, the rest sourced from responsible farmers that are committed to high standards from neighbouring counties.

All meat has been prepared by Coldbreath’s team in their butcher’s shop on Seal high street.

Minced grass-fed beef 500g £4.75
Diced grass-fed beef 500g £4.75
Grass-fed beef burgers x 2 n/a
Grass-fed topside of beef 1.5kg £21.50
Grass-fed sirloin steak 250g £7.69
Grass-fed rump steak 250g £4.50
Free range pork steaks x 2 (350g) £7.50
Free range handmade pork sausages x 6 pack £4.25
Free range premium back bacon – unsmoked x 6 pack £3.95
Free range whole chicken 1.3-1.5kg £7.50
Free range chicken breast x 2 £5.50
Half leg of lamb 1.5kg £27.50
Shoulder of lamb 2.5kg £28.00