Alexander Baillieu, Executive Chef from the Squerryes Estate has created a series of classic dishes using seasonal, fresh ingredients sourced from producers in the Garden of England as well as ingredients foraged from the Squerryes Estate, covering the North Downs and the Greensand Ridge.

Alexander has been a chef for 25 years, developing his skill under the guidance of the Roux family, cooking for many famous clients over the years, more recently HRH Price Charles.

All dishes listed below are given to you frozen and based on serving 2 people.


Aubergine Parmigiana  (For 2) each £11.95
Beef Lasagne  (For 2) each £12.50
Beef Cheeks(For 2) each £11.95
Coq au Vin (For 2) each £11.95
Fish Pie  (For 2) each £11.95
Green Thai Chicken Curry (For 2) each £11.95
Luxury Fish and Shellfish Pie (For 2) each £15.95
Fish Cakes (For 2) each £11.95
Macaroni Cheese (For 2) each £9.95
Prawns Jalfrazi (For 2) each N/A
Squerryes Court Pie  (For 2) each £11.95

Pick the dishes you would like to order, select one at a time (with the quantity you want) and add it to your shopping cart, we’ll then make your own box with those items.

Please Note: Some of the products may not be available every week.