We are blessed to sit at the gateway to the Garden of England, to have so many drinks producers on our doorstep. We’ve selected some fine freshly brewed ciders from our friends at Biddenden and the Curious Brewery, part of Chapel Down.

We also have a special guest called Wignac, originating from the Ardennes region of France, a pure and slightly lighter example of French cider, in two styles: a natural craft cider and a rosé cider, blended with Pinot Noir fruit

  • Biddenden Biddies 8 6 x 500ml bottles. 8% |  £35.10
  • Biddenden Red Love 6 x 500ml bottles. 5%  |  £21.90
  • Chapel Down Curious Apple 12 x 330ml bottles. 5.2% | £26.00
  • Wignac Cider Naturel craft cider single 750ml bottle. 4.5% | £6.95
  • Wignac Cider Rosé craft cider single 750ml bottle. 4.5% | £6.95